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Laptop Batttery for ACER AP12A3i AP12A4i BT.00304.011

[ACER , Li-polymer, 11.1V, 54WH , Black P/N: AP12A3i AP12A4i BT.00304.011 KT.00303.002]
  • Product ID: NACAP12A34400B3
  • Battery Type: Li-polymer
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 54WH
  • Volt: 11.1V
  • Org. Price: UK£ 62.23
UK£ 47.87

green Laptop batteries

dicount ACER  laptop battery

Please ensure the ACER Laptop battery that you are going to buy is compatible with the models and part number of your device.

This Laptop Battery can replace following part numbers:


This Laptop Battery Can Fit Following Laptop Models:

  • ACER Aspire M3
  • ACER Aspire M5
  • ACER Aspire M5 Series
  • ACER Aspire M5-481
  • ACER Aspire M5-481G
  • ACER Aspire M5-481T
  • ACER Aspire M5-481TG
  • ACER Aspire M5-581
  • ACER Aspire M5-581T
  • ACER Aspire M5-581TG
  • ACER Aspire Timeline U M3-581TG-72634G25Mnkk
  • ACER Aspire Timeline U M5-481
  • ACER Aspire Timeline U M5-481TG-6814
  • ACER Aspire Timeline U M5-581
  • ACER Aspire Timeline Ultra M3
  • ACER Aspire Timeline Ultra M5
  • ACER Iconia Tab W700
  • ACER Iconia Tab W700P
  • ACER TravelMate P648-M
  • ACER TravelMate P648-M-757N

ACER batteries tips

All of us want to prolong our ACER laptop battery's life. What should we do to prolong the laptop battery's life? here is some brief guide to extend your Li-polymer ACER battery's life..
You must initially give the battery a 12-14 hour charge on the proper charger.Try to use the home charger more often than the cigarette lighter charger.
Not in the high temperature environment for charging brand Battery ,make sure the environment temperature is suitable temperature.
Lithium-ion Battery prefers a partial rather than a full discharge,frequent full discharges should be avoided when possible.
Do not use higher than its threshold voltage to charge the Acer aspire 6935g battery ,as it would become unsafe.
purchase spare lithium-ion laptop batteries for later use if your battery series get weak over times.
Keep the rechareable ACER Li-polymer battery cool. Avoid a hot situation. For prolonged storage, keep the at a 40% charge level.
Do not short-circuit. A short-circuit may cause severe damage to the battery.
Through the above Suggestions, you can take better care of your ACER battery replacement. You need them for your daily life.

Why Buy ACER Laptop battery From Here?

1. Our Price:

Save up to 30%, At website, you always pay the lowest price. We make this sure by offering high quality but cheap Replacement ACER Laptop battery.

2. Our Policy:

30 days money back.
1 year quality warranty guarantee.
Free shipping to worldwide.
3. Our Quality:
We believe that our customers should receive the cheap but highest quality Replacement ACER Laptop battery at the worthiest prices. Our battery for ACER Laptop battery passed the CE, UL, and ISO9001/9002 certifications.
4. Our Service:

We have a dedicated team of customer service executives who are eager to help you save time and money by sharing their knowledge and expertise on laptop battery and related products.

To get maximum use out of your lithium ion laptop battery there are a few things to keep in mind.

* Make sure the power saving features are enabled when using the laptop on booktype bookshangpin batteries power. These features may be disabled manually for many laptops if you absolutely need the maximum speed setting for a task, don't forget to turn power saving back on.
* If you are not going to use the bookname pack for a long period of time then try to store it in a cool dry place at about a 40% charge level. Do not freeze!
* When using the battery, try to charge it as often as possible as soon as you can.
* Don't forget your booktype bookshangpin Acer aspire 5520 laptop battery in your vehicle on a hot summer day.
You should consider buying a spare pack only if you find yourself running out of laptop battery power often, don't buy one to have "just in case". Lithium Ion packs start to age as soon as they're produced and can irreversibly lose around 20% capacity per year even when unused.

The important recycling batteries

We don't just offer the typical laptop batteries that you may find from other e-retailers, we pride ourselves with providing our customers with the most cost effective solution towards laptop battery replacement without sacrificing quality. All laptop batteries and AC adapters will meet or exceed (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications. Every that is available on our website is also guaranteed to look, fit, and perform just like your original Acer aspire 5520 laptop battery (and usually better). The only real difference is the price. You don't have to pay a ridiculously high price just for a laptop battery. We produce over 95% of the ACER laptop batteries, laptop chargers, laptop chargers and other products that we sell. There's also no middle man for us to pay. Lower cost for us translates into lower prices for you.
Every laptop battery purchase is backed by our 30-Day No Hassle Money Back Guarantee and 1 Year Replacement Warranty. Only the best laptop batteries at the best prices. Guaranteed!All of our products are all directly purchased from various reputable manufacturers in the world and have passed stringent quality assurance procedures to achieve international standards such as CE, UL Listed, and/or ISO9001/9002 certification.

Remark: We will dispatch the eParcel from our storehouse within 24 hours, you can Track Your Order if you want to know the status of your order.
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